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Roadmapping is a visual strategic tool that breaks down a number of objectives, which need to be aligned to a specific goal. Having this visual tool enables R&D teams to establish what projects and new technologies are currently being developed and where there are gaps within the organisation’s future pipeline. These gaps can create a strong platform to run a Front End Innovation programme.

Painting the Bigger Picture

The Moon on a Stick delivered a strategic roadmapping workshop with a senior leadership team, which was anchored on facilitating the team to answer the following questions:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to go as an organisation?
  3. How can the organisation get there?

In addition to the above questions, the purpose of the session was to link projects to a strategic intent and show how the technologies can be rolled out across many different platforms.

Based on the organisation’s strategic focus areas, the team mapped five separate roadmaps. Each roadmap captured all the current and future pipeline projects within a four-year timeframe, which enabled the team to create links between the products and the different brand category strategic objectives.

A key element to roadmaps is the background information for each identified project. By creating a range of Technology Project Templates, the team captured the key data for each of the identified project. This included milestone deliverables, the reasons behind why the project existed and if the project drives into a product or overall business strategy.

The Moon on a Stick mapped these templates onto a visual format that illustrated all the projects in one clear picture. Based on this mapping, the global cosmetics team is currently working on assessing their roadmap to identify technology gaps that need to be addressed.




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