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write-boardInnovation Strategy and Business Model Innovation to Drive Growth

calendar19th / 20th June 2018  | Led by Philips Innovation Services

placeholder-5High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


write-boardImplementing Technology Scouting to Increase Innovation

calendar5th / 6th June 2018 | Led by Dr Jay Paap

placeholder-5 The Møller Centre, Cambridge, UK


write-boardInnovation Management Training

calendar27th / 28th November 2018 | Led by Mr Sean M Warren

placeholder-5 Hilton Hotel, Cambridge, UK





We are pleased to offer for the first time a series of Innovation Masterclasses, led by Philips Innovation Services. During each 2-day event, the team from Philips will share with you their pragmatic and experienced approach to specific innovation management tools that you know will work in your business.

Successful businesses have an Innovation Strategy, which is, either closely linked to, or derived from the other strategies which govern the strategic direction of the business.

In this Innovation Masterclass, Philips will show delegates how to develop and adjust a sustainable Innovation Strategy, and how to implement that in your organisation. In addition, delegates will learn how to innovate their Business Model to drive maximum value and profitability from their organisation.

Going outside to acquire information on new products and technologies can speed up and improve technical development, foster innovative ideas, manage risk, free up scarce internal resources for other high-impact activities, and lead to greater innovation.

The key is being open (versus threatened) and knowing when to go outside, where to look, how to integrate the insights into tactical and strategic planning, responsibly qualify sources, and integrate new externally developed technologies for rapid commercialisation – at a profit to your company. Rather than relying on ad hoc and sometimes haphazard approaches to technology sourcing, many firms are adopting formal Technology Scouting programmes to provide a structured, focused approach to identifying and acquiring insights on new technology, and technology-based product and service innovations.

This Masterclass is designed for companies that want to accelerate or improve their technical and product development, providing real world examples of both effective – and less effective – sourcing initiatives.

For the first time in 6 years, we are pleased to offer this unique 2-day course to help you de-mystify and understand the innovation journey and how innovation can work in your organisation.

Packed with up to date case studies, taken directly from benchmarking work we have carried out, this course will enable and verify your innovation understanding and will benefit people who are new to the innovation role and those with more experience.


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