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The aim of this innovation journey was to introduce a manageable Front End Innovation process to existing and new associates in their R&D community.

To address this aim, The Moon on a Stick ran a two-day workshop with a multi-disciplinary group in their head office based in America.

During the workshop, the participants gained a working knowledge of the first three steps of The Moon on a Stick’s FEI process. They also had an overview of the last three steps to illustrate the full FEI journey.

As a result of the workshop, and in order to keep the enthusiasm alive, one of the participants became the ambassador of the process. With the remote Trans-Atlantic support of an Innovation Programme Lead, the ambassador successfully set up a virtual community to run The Moon on a Stick’s tools and techniques with a specific live project.

The virtual team identified relevant trends and worked on creating scenarios, with the result of forming strong Opportunity Spaces.

The client’s journey is now moving into gaining customer research to create ideas of value.

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