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The aim of this innovation journey was to enable the client to embed a single global FEI process in their business through an initial pilot study.

Based on gaining a strong understanding of our FEI tools and techniques during a live workshop, our client created a core team of six people to generate a working example of the FEI process within a specific business segment.

One of our Innovation Programme Leads spent four days at the client’s offices in central Europe to build upon their selected trends into Scenarios and Opportunity Spaces. By working through thorough selection tools, from the 30 possible scenarios, the pilot team chose two scenarios as being the most impactful (to their industry) and desirable (to the specific business segment).

Utilising the pilot team’s wealth of world knowledge and experience, extensive work was carried out to explore the scenarios further. Based on this work, the team chose areas, which they felt, were of high importance for their specific business segment to explore further as fully defined Opportunity Spaces.

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