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This programme illustrates a step-by-step process for gathering and analysing customer research in the form of observations and verbal conversations. Our customers use this process to help them identify potentially un-met customer needs and the process is also used to gather a body of evidence of medical device usability, prior to submission to the regulatory authorities.

Most customer insights and thoughts are not immediately articulated. Our proven contextual inquiry interview technique can help to un-cover some of those needs and insights that lie beneath the surface.

We start by identifying who is your most important customer in your value chain, create a persona for them and identify their “jobs to be done”. Through a robust interview technique and analysis, we discover whether those “jobs” are being met and if new “jobs” have been identified. From this work, we help customers identify needs, which may be met, partially met, or un-met by the customer’s products and services.

We also use the same technique, as well as observational research to work with medical device companies to help them build the body of evidence required for an application to sell in the USA at the FDA



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